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Westside Underworld - 1000 Ways to Dye

Westside Underworld - 1000 Ways to Dye

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The product of a collaboration between 1000 Ways to Dye, and Kingfisher Disc Golf, this beautiful, one of a kind disc was born. Your chance to own a piece of art created by an Aussie in Brisbane.

Designed with the newer player in mind, the Underworld will allow any player to accomplish an anhyzer shot. It is understable and low profile. Great for players to buy as their first disc, the Underworld will be just what a beginner needs. For professional players, it makes a great continuous anhyzer line and is great for rolling right out of the box.

SPEED: 7 | GLIDE: 6 | TURN: -3 | FADE: 1

* Photos are of actual disc but colours may appear different in person

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