Team Kingfisher - Membership

Applications are now closed for 2024 membership - Thank you to all those that applied.

Please do however read on for information on Team Kingfisher.

Kingfisher Disc Golf was formed in 2021 with the vision of growing the sport, both regionally in North Queensland, and more broadly in Australia. Team Kingfisher builds on this same vision, with the goal of recruiting, encouraging, and supporting other like-minded individuals, ambassadors if you will. For us to succeed we look to provide incentives to our ambassadors, but also require support in the form of marketing and general assistance to make Kingfisher Disc Golf successful. This in turn allows us to continue in the pursuit of long-term growth of Disc Golf in North Queensland, and across Australia.

There are three levels of membership on Team Kingfisher.  Generally, these are:

Little Kingfishers – This is our membership level for junior disc golfers, who are established in the sport and competing in league days and the occasional tournament. This level is intended to encourage juniors in the sport, as they are our future seniors. Little Kingfishers will get a small disc allotment and personal store discount, be provided a Kingfisher playing shirt, get access to Team Kingfisher social events, and get early access to stock. Little Kingfishers will also get a team member referral code so the community can show their support, and they will be expected to represent Kingfisher Disc Golf when they are playing.

Azure Kingfishers – This is our base membership level. Azure Kingfishers are established in the sport, compete in league days and events, and a couple of tournaments a year. They wear the Kingfisher shirt with pride and fly the flag both in person and online. Azure Kingfishers are committed to growing the sport and are invited to participate in Team Kingfisher chats, meetings and social events. They will get a small disc allotment, personal store discount and team member referral code, be provided a Kingfisher playing shirt, get early access to stock, and have input into the disc ordering process. In return Azure Kingfishers are required to support and promote Kingfisher Disc Golf and assist with marketing and growth.

Sacred Kingfishers – This is our flagship membership level. Sacred Kingfishers share the values of Kingfisher Disc Golf, and are dedicated to growing the sport. They are well established in the sport, compete in league days, events, and multiple local, regional and national tournaments per year. In addition to the incentives offered to Azure Kingfishers, Sacred Kingfishers get an additional playing shirt per year, a larger personal store discount and disc allotment per year. Sacred Kingfishers are expected to actively promote Kingfisher Disc Golf and disc golf in general both in person and online.

With the help of our Team Kingfisher ambassadors, we hope to be successful in our vision of growing the sport in North Queensland, and across Australia.

We will leave the form open below so that you can review and consider a potential application for our 2025 team!