Our Team

Kingfisher Disc Golf was founded in April 2021 by Keri Palazzi with the assistance of her husband Chris.

“My husband and I were frustrated with being unable to get our hands on and physically feel the plastic, weight and rims of discs before buying them, so we decided to do something about it.”
Keri was first introduced to Disc Golf 16 years ago by her then boyfriend, now husband, when she would walk with him while he played object courses in parks. For the founder, unfortunately lack of access to actual courses and equipment has played a large part in what has been a slow awakening to the sport. 2020 saw Keri finally purchase her own Golf Discs and she played in her first tournament the Townsville Aussie Disc Golf Open.
Having a young family Disc Golf provides a great opportunity for Keri to challenge herself and refine new skills while exercising and being in nature.

In the Bag:

As a beginner I have 2 starter sets:
Innova – Aviar, Shark, Leopard
RPM – Tui, Kea, Huia