Trent Pease


In 2023, my disc golf journey continued, acting as a vital part of the North Qld Disc Golf team in Townsville. Notably, I worked hand in hand with the Mackay Disc Sports team and Kingfisher,  taking on the role of Tournament Director for the ground-breaking Sugar City Open in Mackay. Locally, in 2023 I acted as TD for the Throw May Away event in Townsville as well as managing several league days. A key goal of mine is to nurture the continuing growth of the disc golf community in North Queensland. In 2023, I competed in several prestigious tournaments like Yeronga Memorial, Throw May Away, Qld Open, NQ Open, and the Sugar City Open, typically in the MA3 division.  Beyond tossing discs on the course, I made an appearance on The Tee Off podcast, connecting with a wider audience regarding the growth of the support in NQ and promoting the upcoming local events to a national audience

In 2024, I am looking forward to continuing to support and be supported by the team at Kingfisher Disc Golf. Whether organizing events, directing tournaments, or competing on the course, I am eager to continue playing a pivotal role in the ongoing success and development of disc golf in North Queensland and beyond.