Tim Davis

2023 was my second year travelling interstate for disc golf, although larger than the previous adding QLD & Tassie to the agenda.
The first major of the year was Vic Open and it almost looked like I was going to start out with a win, holding the lead through the first 2 rounds. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to hold on and ended up dropping to 3rd. Still a decent start to the year and a good placing for my 30th Birthday.

QLD Open had the highlight of getting to meet the rest of the Kingfisher team on their hot, humid, home turf even if the results didn’t go as planned.

Eruption 2022 was my first podium with a 2nd place, looking to go 1 better in 2023. Unfortunately life got in the way and I almost wasn’t able to play the tournament. Didn’t get the finish I desired but was happy to just be there on the best course in Aus.
First time down to Tassie for nationals to finish the year saw a discs flying everywhere in the wind. Again I couldn’t put together 3 solid rounds, though seeing a teammate win a playoff, that’s pretty good too.
With the same tournaments on the agenda for 2024 – time to get that first win.