Josh Smith

My first ever disc golf event was NZ Matchplay in 2001 as a ring in. Simon Feasey was top seed and hosting at his Ponderosa course. There were deer, creeks, ponds, native trees and rolling hills. It was about as scenic as sport can get. I took him to the very last hole and although I lost, I had discovered a love for the sport and was hooked! This was the end of 2001 and in Feb 2002 I entered my first major event, the NZ Nationals in Spa Park, Taupo where I scored a hole in 1 which paid for my weekend and I won the junior u18 title. How much fun is this sport, I thought.

From 2002-2011 I competed on the NZ Tour, Nationals and Matchplay champs. I helped design courses and have been T.D multiple times including hosting Nationals. I had multiple wins and placings along the way.

I moved to Melbourne in 2011 and joined both the Melbourne and Geelong clubs, eventually becoming the V.P of Melbourne. I turned pro at the end of 2011 when I placed 5th in my first Aus Champs in Poimena behind 4 internationals and accepted cash for the first time. From here until 2018 I played on the Aus tour and took several smaller event wins, 2x Melbourne Cup Winner and Faultline Fury winner 2017 (Wellington NZ) and several placings including Vic Open and other majors.

After a break from competition due to work and family commitments and time abroad, I returned to regular play at the end of 2022.
2023 didn’t have any major comps as I was still figuring out my work schedule, but managed several league day wins and was involved in several pop up events growing the sport. I also had my first PDGA win in several years. It wasn’t my 2 best rounds, but -20 was good enough to win by a stroke. 2x -10 rounds with a CTB and my first tournament ace in a very long time was a great way to finish the year.
In 2024 I intend to play in as many competitions as I can including The Golden City Classic and VIC Open as well as some of the regional VIC comps and South Australian. Hopefully I can make a QLD comp this year also. I know I have a big year ahead, but regardless of results… it will always be frisbees with friends to me. The rest works itself out.