Janet Ford-Adams

I discovered disc golf in mid 2019 upon reading in the council newsletter about a course going up in my local park. I bought a few discs, they didn’t go very far, so I bought a few more! Even my favourite Starlite plastic was not getting me the distance I craved, so I watched a few YouTube videos to learn how to throw further. I fell in love with the noise of the chains when the disc lands in the basket. I was hooked. I eagerly awaited the local disc golf club’s league day, where I went to watch others throw, and was soon invited to have a round with others as well. The other players were very friendly and I joined the club.

Around a year later, in late 2020, I played in my first tournament in FA4 and won it! I was thrilled. I played a couple more tournaments in FA4 in 2021, then moved into FA40 for 2022.

In 2023, I moved into FA2, playing across many states of Australia, winning some tournaments and losing some others. I won the 2023 Australian Championship in FA2 and managed to win the FA2 ADG tour as well. I’ve been a TD for two tournaments, my first one was as Co-TD with my mentor Jeff Brunsting for a WGE tournament. I’ve helped the local Disc Golf Club run both Womens and Mixed Social days, and have helped out with a few come and try days as well. I’ve taught a few of my friends how to play, and they are now hooked too!

My favourite discs are my Mamba, Kui, Berg and my Proxy. After seeing my friends in their team shirts, I was encouraged to apply to be part of team Kingfisher, and am thrilled to be accepted to represent Kingfisher Disc Golf in 2024.