Finley Atkinson

I started playing disc golf in September 2021, when I stumbled upon the Sunshine Coast Disc Golfers at the amazing Meridan Downs course, which is just down the road. These dudes have been extremely supportive and great mentors, encouraging and helping me develop into the confident player I am today. In just over two years, I've achieved some noteworthy milestones. At 16, I've hit two aces at my home course, showcasing my precision. I’ve been working on distance drives and regularly throw over 110m with a max throw of 130m.

My standout moment came in August 2023 when I won the C-Tier Bayside Cup MA4, leading by 6 strokes. It remains my highest-rated round at 866. Competing at the Aussie Champs in Hobart was a major highlight, fuelling my determination and passion for disc golf. With 18 courses under my belt, I've gained diverse playing experiences, contributing to my current player rating of 803. I ’m looking forward to significantly improving my rating this year.

Fortunately, my parents are extremely supportive of my disc golfing endeavours, with my dad also playing disc golf, and my mum happy to take me to new courses with friends or events to play. Away from the course, I actively promote disc golf to newcomers, striving to share the sport's unique thrill and camaraderie. Whether on the course or off, my commitment is to grow and foster the disc golf community. I consider myself a great ambassador of disc golf, and have introduced my father, uncle, multiple school friends and family friends into the game.