Doug Adams

I discovered Disc Golf in July, 2019, when a course was installed very close to our home in Bald Hill Park, Clarinda, Melbourne. I was instantly fascinated by the flight of the disc in the hands of good players. We began playing that month and haven’t stopped since. I quickly joined the Melbourne Disc Golf Club just as the pandemic of 2020 began to be felt, taught myself through lockdown, and really only started playing competitively in 2022. My career highlights were taking out the MA50 Aussie Disc Golf Day national title in 2022 with a 920 rated day, and the Melbourne Disc Golf 2023 club championships in the MA50 division. In 2023 we became club coordinators, running the monthly social days for the club at Bald Hill.

My disc golf philosophy is to practice like it means something, and play like it doesn’t. Try to have fun, enjoy your time on the course, be a good card mate, and play without fear.

I use either an Upper Park Shift disc golf bag, or ZUCA All Terrain cart. I tend to carry 14-16 discs, and it’s currently Shrykes, Bears, Ahti, River, Maul, Buzzz SS, Gatekeeper, Anvil, Rekos, Spin.